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Agreement workflow

With TrackLean you can let other people sign digital contents. Just three easy steps lead to approval or refusal. Try it out in our interactive demo!

Step 1: Create an Agreement

Step 2: Ask for Confirmation

Step 3: Confirm and Sign

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Revealing the new CConfirm feature

TrackLean can now receive emails thanks to the new CConfirm feature. Every email send to will be processed into a new agreement. All receipients will automatically be requested for approval.

All you need is your E-Mail client!
Prior registration is not necessary!
Attachments are supported, too!

Getting a valid signature under your emails has never been so easy. Just add in CC. We take care of everything else!

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Organize your agreements in timelines

Agreements are deposited chronologically in Timelines. For each timeline you can define a title, a description and a team. This severely simplifies the creation and retrieval of agreements.

Data integrity is our primary objective!

TrackLean stores all important contents on european servers in France and Germany. Our hosters have the ISO/IEC 27001 certificate.

Scan and Sign

Sign an agreement directly on your touch device or, if you are working on a non-touch device, scan a QR-code with your smartphone and sign the agreement there.

Sign on your touch screen with a stylus or your finger

Agreement to PDF

With a click on "Create PDF report" you can easily export the contents of a timeline as PDF including all agreements and signatures.

The average TrackLean user economizes several hours per months.

Increase efficiency and security - Sustainably and simply

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With our basic account you can try out all TrackLean features for free. You can switch to premium any time.

Unlimited timelines
Request confirmations
one Agreement per Workstream per day
Attachments up to 5 MB
Free: one per day
Attachments are stored for 30 days
E-Mail support
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Premium Plan

15 Euro / month

per User (excl. VAT)

As a premium user you can use all TrackLean features without any limitations

Unlimited timelines
Request confirmations
Unlimited Agreements
Attachments up to 50 MB
Email to agreement
Attachments are stored for one Year
E-Mail support
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Starting at 99 Euro / month

5 Users included (excl. VAT)

You would like to use TrackLean in your company? Just contact us and get your customized offer. Get access to company exclusive features:

Unlimited timelines
Request confirmations
Unlimited Agreements
Attachments up to 50 MB
Email to agreement
10 Year Archiving of all Documents
E-Mail and Phone Support
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